Tips to get Job in Dubai for Freshers in 2019

Moiz Ahmad     05 Apr 2019 05:27 PM

Tips to get Job in Dubai for Freshers in 2019

Tips to get Job in Dubai for Freshers in 2019

If you are a Fresher and have been hunting for a job in Dubai but nothing seems to work; try following tips

This Step by Step guide will definitely useful to new comers. I had been in that situation where you are and done all of the things which probably you have done so and it can be very frustrating and you get dejected when you apply and register on every job site available but get no response or call-backs etc.

Now in 2019, you should follow a well-defined plan and your plan should include all the things you have already done previously, but this time in a better way with goal-oriented mindset. You can try some sort of tips or tricks from industry experts which will helpful.

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Here are some best tips freshers can use to find a job in Dubai:

1. Be Organized:

Dubai as every know is a land of opportunities, jobs, business, perfect lifestyle dreams which freshers can be befitted to his/her but with a proper planning and goal oriented. The job search, applications then interview process all can take months before you finally get an offer letter. So, it is very important to plan and organize your job hunt in advance. First you should met a friend or a relative who is already working in the field of your interest and understand as much as possible about the work and industry in Dubai. Next, shortlist potential companies and jobs vacancies in Dubai you are looking to apply.

2. Refine Your CV:

Prepare your CV with best industry standards and to do so you can take advantage from internet as well. There are number of CV samples available on the Internet for freshers which are looking for jobs in specific fields. Took some relevant CV formats to prepare your CV and customize your CV according to each job that you are looking to apply for.

3. Get Register in Top Job Sites:

Registering on job sites is a good way to get started on your job hunt. It is very helpful to know the job details or vacancy that companies have which demand your specific skills set.

I would recommend some job sites with respect to their response and track record Bayt, Vacancies UAE, LinkedIn, (they have listings for full-time, part-time and contractual jobs), Gulf News, Monster Gulf and Naukri Gulf among others also.

4. Personal Branding:

Build your personal brand and social media plays an important role in making personal branding and profiles. Now a days, employers are checking the social profiles particularly LinkedIn profile of the candidates to understand their personality better before deciding who they want to call for the interview. Therefore, it is very important to keep your social profiles active, clear and make sure it gives a good impression to the employers. As some said first impression is the last impression so your social profiles does matter in that sense too.  

5. Must be Open Minded:

Everyone wanted to work with Multinational companies, it is very important for the job hunter or fresher you can say to have an open mind while looking for job. There are great startups offering job opportunities to freshers in Dubai specially. These are great platform for freshers to learn and grow at a fast pace. So don’t be stuck with the bigger company from day one every ending have a start and it may be from a small thing too so be open to idea and search on some smaller companies as well to start with.

6. Must Follow Up:

This is the most important tips a fresher must take seriously. As a newbie to this job hunting process, you might feel uncomfortable at time following up with the employers again and again. But, following up is important if you want to stay at the top of the shortlisted candidates. These are some tips that will help you how to get your CV noticed.