What to look forward this 2020 for Procurement Updates and Jobs?

Haider Ali    11 May 2020 10:02 AM

What to look forward this 2020 for Procurement Updates and Jobs?

There are many people who are interested to work on Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement or the equivalent. In different industries these positions are really in demand. For any types of product, a person is selling or any services that company provides, the procurement or purchasing department is important. They are the ones who are in-charge of biddings, the checking and comparison of prices or costing. The same with Supply Chain and Logistics, the Jobs for Procurement is not limited to prices, but they also must be sure about the quality of the product, and even its packaging, it should be in good condition.

How this job looks from outside

This Job will look easy on the outside but somehow it will depend on what type and how big the company you are working at. Of course, no Job will never be like waiting for the salary without doing anything. If there is, it will be a different thing… But in which ways, this kind of work is a good start for someone who is just starting their career or newly graduates or the ones that is about to start checking out what they will be doing in the future.

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There are times that taking up courses or moving on to a new position or career depends on what your heart’s desire. Sometimes, it’s about your passion. This will help you enjoy while working. As not all people are able to work with the kind of Job, they really wanted but if you are the person who are able to pursue what you love, it’s a different thing. A long day at work will not be long for you. Deadlines would be a headache for others, but not for you.

Learning with Experience

Working as a Procurement or if you are one of the team in Purchasing department, the good thing is learning what you will be able to learn while you at it. Continuously seek growth. Don’t settle for less and because you are satisfied as it is, you’ll just stay in one company and be stagnant. Look for something that will not only add value with the company but also for you as a person.

Opportunities are everywhere, and you must make a move to start finding it. As the famous saying says, “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Current job market in UAE

Jobs in United Arab Emirates today is gradually increasing. It’s not the same as last year. Some EXPO have already started and for others soon to follow. Which means, more businesses, more available jobs. Not only limited to Procurement Jobs in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman but in other emirates as well. Different Industries will have their vacancies as well like Industrial Engineering, Oil and Gas and many more.

Somehow, we might be able to expect a better offer this year than the hiring jobs last 2019.