Career Path for Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs

Criezell T    31 Oct 2019 02:52 PM

Career Path for Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs

Are you considering logistics or supply chain to be your profession?

Either you're a fresh graduate who is looking for a job, a well-experienced person that is considering to level up or shift to a new field, this article will give you the ideas and help you think about what suits you best.

Note that every career can help you explore your capabilities and grow.

Here I will be discussing the possibilities about the opportunities in the Logistics and Supply Chain Field.

What are the Job Types for Supply Chain and Logistics?

Logistics and Supply Chain Planning:

Planning is required in every company. Being able to create a systematized plan would increase the efficiency of the process in Supply Chain as time is a valuable thing that needs to be maximized.

Supply Chain Planner, Demand Planner, Production Planner, Logistics Resource Planner, Load Planner, and others are some of the Planning jobs related to Supply Chain and Logistics.

From Supply Chain Planner who usually works in the management part to oversee the smooth flow of process and performance of each worker and to help the improvement of every strategy. And to Load Planner that focuses on mostly basic tasks like collating customer orders, shipments, deliveries and in-charged as well for efficient planning of transportation routes.

Every type of planning, even you have started from entry-level, you can always do your best and have your way up to managerial levels like planning manager or higher position. As people mind is our main enemy, you have thought that you can to be able to reach your goals.

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Production & Manufacturing:

Maybe some already have experience working in a Production or Manufacturing company but not familiar that this is also related to Supply Chain and Logistics.

Having the opportunity to work in the mentioned field can be considered as the first step towards your Supply Chain position.

Production Warehouse Manager, Procurement Manager, Production Planner, Quality Assurance/Control or other Engineering, Operation Maintenance, Supervisor and Production Operative are some positions Production and Manufacturing that will give you an idea for Supply Chain and Logistics.


When you have reached the managerial position through the experience you have gained, a wider range of opportunities with bigger responsibilities is awaiting you. But if you are the type of person that is into testing your capabilities and skills, this post will be a great choice.

Other Supply Chain Careers are Planning and Sourcing, Transportation and Logistics and many more.