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About Precede Middle East

Precede is one of the fastest growing business management consulting organization offering the most comprehensive suites of services. We have an excellent understanding of the local culture and business networks in the UAE which helps you make informed decisions and realize your business goals in the projects that we undertake.

Precede strategically analyses from the client's perspective in a concise overview and provides actionable recommendations to address the root cause of the problems. Our clients have been benefited from our customized client-oriented services and achieved a competitive edge in the market.

Life at Precede Middle East

Precede specializes in delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic business objectives of our clients. The secret of our success is the people we recruit, and we’re looking for the best.

Our company is packed with talented and motivated people, creating a vibrant and successful team with excellent inter-personal and communications skills. Our people practices, fosters recognition at both individual and team level. Our endeavor is to provide pleasant work environment, growth and personal satisfaction to the individuals who are associated with us.





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Front Desk Receptionist

Posted on : 02 Feb 2022

Front Desk Receptionist

Posted on : 04 Jan 2022

Finance Intern

Posted on : 08 Oct 2018

Front Desk Receptionist

Posted on : 24 Sep 2018


Posted on : 23 Sep 2018