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About F&S Real Estate

F&S Real Estate was founded as an investment hub to facilitate assistance with all property purchases and management for local and international clientele. F&S is partnered with many of the major developers in the United Arab Emirates and handles land and property deals with government entities at all levels. The services that are provided range from planned investor stays, to property purchase and interior design. As part of the later process F&S also handles property management, maintenance and rental for clientele who are not residing in the properties.

Life at F&S Real Estate

Life at the company is busy and bustling with people calling, and making documentation for property transfers. At times people are out on viewings other times they are on sales training to assure they know the latest projects and see what they are selling. It is an extremely diverse job with sales targets and meetings to assure all are on point.


RAKEZ Amenity Tower 2, 12th floor, office 5, Al Jazeera Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah UAE

+971 7 207 5731

10% commission

when sales targets are met there is bonuses for reaching it. there are monthly, quarterly and annual targets with bigger and better benefits for each.

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Posted on : 21 Sep 2023