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About Accurate Middle East

Accurate Middle East is a Dubai based boutique consulting company designed for advanced tech and innovative businesses willing to enter and expand within the Middle Eastern region, in particular, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrein, Jordan and Egypt.

In the era of rapid change, companies recognize the need to innovate and expand to new markets to uncover new sources of revenue, sustainable competitive advantage and business growth.

We provide tech and innovative companies with full suite of consulting services to accelerate growth, build additional brand value and achieve successful market penetration.

Life at Accurate Middle East


Our mission is to bring significant changes to the world and ME region supporting innovative ideas, technologies and solutions. We are committed to value creation and stable growth.


Our aim is to help promising companies to find the best ways to penetrate the market and find relevant business and financial partners in order to build a sustainable future together.


608, Platinum Tower, JLT Dubai, UAE


Accurate Middle East

Accurate Middle East

Market Research Analyst

Posted on : 09 Jan 2024