Technology and the Future of Healthcare Jobs

Moiz Ahmad     07 Nov 2019 12:11 PM

Technology and the Future of Healthcare Jobs

In this constantly changing world, it's funny to think that healthcare jobs will stay the same. Along with technology, healthcare is also updating and improving. We might expect that other Jobs for this field may be no longer available soon. But with our curiosity about what will happen, we have these ideas and opinions of what might be the new jobs and how will be the competition for the next generation.

Thinking about jobs without any proper guidelines is like taking in a thread inside a hole of a needle. Somehow you can predict the chances but you cannot be sure of its outcome. Thorough training and awareness of the possibilities will help you to have a better understanding and preparation for the futuristic reality.

Here are some of the Jobs that we might expect in the coming years:

3D Printing in Healthcare for Reconstructive Surgery

Applications for 3D printing in the healthcare field are already in progress. Victims from accidents or burns will soon have this kind of reconstructive surgery, about tissue generation where the skin is printed in 3D.

Content Healthcare Specialist (Voice Assistant)

Virtual Assistants nowadays are increasing. As some businesses already have the idea of how useful a virtual assistant is for a voice-based kind of job. The applications like "Alexa" are still in progress and still do not provide much accuracy when answering certain queries and following the specific command.

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But mostly, Artificial Intelligence is the virtual assistant and not the actual healthcare specialist. Accuracy is still not well determined and prevention of risk is still on process. More tests and training are required for it to provide a relevant and at least precise content.

Robotic Medical Transcription of Clinical Documents

The attention of every doctor should be on their patients but as medical transcribing is taking more time, it affects the main focus. The doctor's priority is their patients. Though, in the coming years, we might have this voice recorder that automates language processing and doing the transcription on behalf. But proofreading by a person who specialized in transcribing is still required as the output should be accurate for every patient's medical results.

Compounding Pharmacist for Personalized Medicine

Treatments like personalize medicine will be typical soon and medical drugstores might slowly fade until removed. We will be seeing robots making certain medicines and taking over in the process. But that robots should be inserted with the correct information for every individual's medical needs.

Other Healthcare Jobs

Jobs such as; Virtual Hospital Manager, Counselor for Epigenetics, Planner for Health Finance, Specialist for Neurostimulation of Brain, and deeper part of this job update is Health Data Hacker, in which might be programmed to hack clinics and hospitals that enabling illegal campaigns for a black market like an organ transplant. Further darkest job roles might be in up soon but in this world where people called humans are living. It is better to have a natural way of treating diseases. Evolution in technology is okay but we should set limitations as the curiosity of each individual are vast and mostly unpredictable.

Medical jobs

Usually, the salary for medical jobs is provided based on experiences, licenses or certifications. Though we cannot prevent if the economy of a certain country is getting low, the offered salary will also be affected.

Medical or Healthcare field jobs are still on the go and we can be sure that it will continue in the next generations.

Final Thoughts

Though today's healthcare jobs are always active, like hiring for Healthcare Assistants, Nurses, Doctors, Specialists, Transcriptionist, Medical Billing Encoder, Healthcare Management, and others -- not only here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah or within the United Arab Emirates, but in other countries as well.