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About Salman Ahmad

At Talent Scout, we have solemnly promised to undertake any challenge; to search and identify peerless talents spanning across nationalities and multiple fields of expertise.

We provide superlative opportunities to both, hiring organizations and aspiring candidates.

Our recruitment expertise has landed nearly 9325 candidates into suitable jobs in the last 4 years. Our industry knowledge benefits our prestigious clients and talented job seekers. We not only ease the entire process but also provide the optimal results to enhance productivity of the employee as well as the organization.

Life at Salman Ahmad

Talent Scout is specialized in hiring people from many disciplines. With specialization in innumerable verticals in talent acquisition, we have pledged to identify the ideal candidates to fit into the recruiters’ requirements. Harboring a continuous rapport with multiple employers, we have built a data base that makes the procedures easy and effective for the candidates. We consider that the initial step toward contributing back to the society is the thankful recognition of our own assets and we consider our candidates to be our biggest assets.


1801, Burlington Tower Business Bay Dubai.UAE


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Time spent on hiring, is time well spent.” – Robert Half. Hiring the right talent is challenging and ambiguous. Talent Scout burgeons on challenges and we embrace them. We succor our clients in recruiting matchless talent to fill in the vacant positions.