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Paramount Employment Consultant

Paramount Employment Consultant

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About Paramount Employment Consultant

As a company, that recruits labor power for global business solutions, Paramount Employment Consultant (P) Ltd., perpetually understands this daunting task and respects this privilege.

We are a specialized ethical manpower recruitment agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal registered under the Foreign Employment department, Nepal. With considerable experience and expertise by our side, we stride forward understand the necessity of that Nepalese workers are a much sought after labor force is a ubiquitous fact. Our aim is to strengthen this statement to an extent where Nepal’s labor power becomes a driving force towards a greater economic accomplishment of an organization. 


Life at Paramount Employment Consultant

Today we have thousands of graduates and skilled workers and to equip any company with competent manpower services. This extensive database of capable resumes provides our company with the power to meet labor requirements for any kind of business. Besides providing a large team of personnel or individual workers for any company. At any given time, we are ready to cater to human resource demands of any company from any part of the world even at a short notice. We work with professionalism and responsibility and are equipped with a capable staff that can provide satisfactory services to all our clients.


GPO Box 24009, Paramount House, Balkumari, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal

+97715186269, 5186052