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IFSG Services – an initiative by IFSG-Group – allows you to book any service that you need in a matter of seconds instead of consuming your valuable time in the search. We realized that all the services should be in one single place so here’s your chance for making things easier in life. IFSG Services allows you to find, schedule and use almost any service with ease using our online portal that is fully functional and supports multiple platforms.


Our experience in facilities management industry has allowed us to evaluate the core needs of a customer that helped us in laying the basic structure of our services. We aim to make everything easy, accessible and affordable for you and all this on a single click. To put it in simple words, we combined multiple industries that you need for meeting certain routine needs and devised a smart approach for our customers to search, schedule and use the services without compromising on their satisfaction level.

Management & Sales Internship

Posted on : 22 Oct 2018