Engineering Unit General Contracting
Engineering Unit General Contracting

Engineering Unit General Contracting

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About Engineering Unit General Contracting

Our company is a leading contractor for general construction services that has over 30 years of experience and that’s ready to take your projects to the next step, delivering exceptional results each and every time.

Life at Engineering Unit General Contracting

ENGINEERING UNIT is committed to uplift the following traits to ensure that every concerned individual receives the best value of services.

TEAMWORK: Working together to achieve the growth and efficiency of the company. Collaboration and respect are essential both for learning and personal and organizational growth.

RELATIONSHIPS: Create partner relationships with our customers that enable them to meet their performance goals.

HUMANITY (OUR PEOPLE): Treating our colleagues with respect; looking for integral development, safety, and welfare of our employees regardless of their position, status, gender, race, beliefs, and preferences. We treat others as we would like to be treated.


Bldg No. 624, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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Posted on : 24 Aug 2021