Cosmoix commercial Brokerage
Cosmoix commercial Brokerage

Cosmoix commercial Brokerage

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About Cosmoix commercial Brokerage

Cosmoix is a commercial brokerage company which is providing clients in General trading and consumer’s products (food products, electronics, cloths and etc.) with a third party and brokerage services as per the demand required. In Cosmoix, We grantee that the demand requested will be as per the highest global quality standard, we are engaged in bringing sellers and buyers involved in wholesale and retail trade together in return of a commission or remuneration. To add, we care about our client’s future and this is the reason why we are always a step ahead Point at any product demand and Cosmoix will connect you with the best products providers around the global 

Life at Cosmoix commercial Brokerage

Wholesale dealers and investors as well as General Trade and Retail business owners will be smoothly connected to the best Products manufactures and providers around the global


Oud Al Muteena 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates



30% commission on each deal

Trade Salesman

Posted on : 08 Sep 2019