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About Block Gemini

Since the origins of the blockchain, Block Gemini's Co-founders envisioned something monumental. A Dubai - based company that will outrival and lead the race in the blockchain development for companies around the world. 

Life at Block Gemini

Blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger and Ethereum and many more has tremendous potential to reshape multiple industries including, finance, supply chain, education, healthcare and much more while helping set a new standard in each respective market.


2nd Floor, Studio City, Dubai

+971 42 406 408

Chief Technology Officer

Posted on : 24 Oct 2018

Public Relations Assistant

Posted on : 25 Sep 2018

Office/IT assistant

Posted on : 25 Sep 2018

System admin/ Dev Ops

Posted on : 23 Sep 2018

Penetration Tester

Posted on : 23 Sep 2018

Blockchain developer

Posted on : 23 Sep 2018