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About Beaufond plc

Beaufond provides clear and compelling guidance, challenging and going beyond what is asked or expected to make a positive difference and be rewarded for the value we deliver.We focus wholeheartedly on our clients, working closely and openly with them to look after their best interests long-term.In addition to the normal challenges of leading people, global leadership at Beaufond are engaging and inspiring with much more diverse groups of people in a much more challenging environment across five main barriers to success.People cannot get face-to-face very often, which has big implications for relationships, trust and the day-to-day operation of teams and individual relationships. Leaders need the ability to inspire, communicate and manage performance remotely.

Life at Beaufond plc

Beaufond has a distinctive way of working when we’re at our best. We call this the BearingPoint Spirit. If our values express what we believe in as a Firm, our Spirit defines how we work. Our Spirit has five key characteristics. Whenever we work with our clients and with each other we aim to demonstrate these characteristics in the way we behave – to be holistic, entrepreneurial, confident, trusted and easy to work with.We take a broader, more informed analytical approach, digging deeper and going further to lead the way in delivering greater value for our clients.We encourage fresh thinking and ideas, taking the initiative for our clients, working quickly and smartly, applying our adaptive intelligence to take informed risks and break new ground


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